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Demotional Assessments: Embracing the Race to the Middle!

Let’s face it. Not everybody is cut out to be Kim Kardashian. Sometimes that 15 minutes of fame can become oppressive, and we long for those innocent days of callow anonymity when we were protected from the burdens of excellence. 

More and more, professional organizations have begun to recognize the power of mediocrity and embrace it as central to their employee management practices. After all, if your employees are second-rate, there can be little risk of poaching by competitors, shocking the markets with unexpected over performance, or having products and service in such high demand that you have to start raising prices. 

Regressive organizations have long wrestled to identify and evaluate those individuals who set the standards for other team members in the pursuit of middling performance and barely adequate quality. So FirstIdea has now developed a full suite of valid and effective Demotional Assessment Processes that identify the “other Baldwin brothers” in any organization. Based on the latest research in psychometric testing, we have developed a suite of the 48.3 key behavioral and preferential dimensions and the tools necessary to measure them; dimensions like humorlessness, egocentricity, hostility, unpredictability, and hygiene. 

Spanning the gamut from written and online tests to Assessment Centers to games featuring targets and darts, FirstIdea is offering this new capability only to those organizations ambivalent about excellence and achievement. Don’t be an early adopter. That would be… dissonant. 

From the staff and management of FirstIdea…. April Fools.