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FirstIdea lights the path to help companies place and promote the best-fit people for a thriving organization.

Our Approach

Research-Based Expertise

The right people make all the difference to business success. FirstIdea takes the guesswork out of hiring, promotions, and diversity training. Our HR and psychology experts come alongside you with latest research and technology to ensure you make the best decisions.

Tailored Solutions

We work with you closely as your partner to create personalized solutions to secure a highly talented workforce that is dedicated to your organization’s success. Our view is holistic and science-based, using rigorous analysis, insights, and customizable hiring and promotional testing tools as catalysts for organization-wide change.

Partner Approach

We are people-focused. We are passionate about our clients’ success, supporting them on a personal and organizational level. We value every individual, helping to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments. Driven by great people and leading ideas, we enable transformation.

Our Story

FirstIdea was founded on the idea of putting peoples’ futures first. For over three decades, we’ve tailored our research-based methodology to each organization’s unique culture, values and brand. We’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses and municipalities to assess and secure the next generation of talent, offering exclusive, customizable tools and processes.

From high-tech to high touch, we provide an array of tailored Human Resources consulting and recruitment testing services, including GR8PI™ (Great People Inside), the world’s first customizable talent assessment platform.

We are a certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) with more than 40 years of combined experience. We are experts in psychology and HR sciences, holding Master's and Doctorate-level degrees, and the highest levels of certification.

Our Team


Annette Alvarez, MBA

President & CEO

Annette is a talented and seasoned executive who subscribes to a strategic client-focused system of operations. Bilingual, emotionally intelligent, and proactive, Annette has championed initiatives that have changed the fabric of organizations to be more inclusive, efficient, and productive. No stranger to challenge, this executive both captivates and directs the mission of FirstIdea, Inc. With a 30,000-foot view of the market, her client needs, and relationship building, you can find Annette at the helm of FirstIdea, guiding and motivating her staff. Annette is well-respected in the First Responder community and beyond as an advocate for unbiased, equitable and efficient selection, promotion and most recently, personnel training.

A transformational leader in tailored HR solutions, Annette is also a lifelong learner and support in her local community. Whether fundraising, event organization or mentorship, Annette finds enjoyment in cultivating others – personally and professionally.


Guillermo Alvarez, MS

Vice President

A veteran of the U.S. Air Force with 20 years of subsequent experience in major corporations such as US West, Qwest, and Raytheon, Guillermo brings vast expertise in process effectiveness and assurance, quality assurance, statistical analysis, testing, and business development. He holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Colorado Technical University and a master's degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Grand Canyon University. In his role as vice president at FirstIdea, Guillermo serves as a critical corporate strategist.


Michelle Chancey, MA

Personnel Assessment Consultant

As FirstIdea’s most experienced consultant, Michelle has innovated and implemented state-of-the-art measurement tools for more than 12 years. Her technical experience is partnered with a robust project management foundation, having led hundreds of projects from conception to completion. She earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Vermont and a master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver. Michelle is rarely matched and never surpassed in her areas of expertise.


Jenneh Peabody, MS

Item Developer

Jenneh is our principal test developer and author of knowledge-based content for our customer-tailored written examinations. The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification and distinction as an I/O Psychology Generalist equipped Jenneh to bring FirstIdea a rich background in private businesses and the public education sector. Her expertise in the technical and interpersonal makes her a vital part of the FirstIdea team. She has also successfully guided and managed change in organizations to promote sustainability and effectiveness. Jenneh holds a BS in Psychology and an MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology; her graduate research examined workplace behavior and motivation theory.

Jenneh has volunteered her time with Big Brother, Big Sister - Miami-Dade and Boys and Girls Club of America. When the opportunity calls, Jenneh will fly, sail or drive to both quaint and exotic destinations; traveling allows her to glean from diverse cultures and customs.

Our Commitment

FirstIdea, Inc is a minority and women-owned company. We recognize our similarities and we celebrate our differences. Comprising a diverse and inclusive team of professionals, we’re committed to delivering optimal products, hiring tools, and services to our clients and partners — ranging from municipal to federal agencies and organizations.

We leverage our team’s diverse backgrounds and perspectives to help our clients achieve their hiring and retention goals. As more organizations come to appreciate the importance of workforce diversity and inclusion, we’re uniquely positioned to help your agency or organization with our proven HR screening, recruitment and retention strategies and methodologies – all designed by our leading-edge experts in organizational psychology, bias disruption, and culture change management.

Offering breakthrough tools and processes that are customized to your unique culture, values, and brand, we ensure that you are attracting the best candidates so you can nurture a thriving workforce.