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Your organization is unique, and your hiring process should reflect that. FirstIdea is proud to offer GR8PI – the world’s first fully customizable assessment platform. This cloud-based technology and user experience is state of the art, empowering you for the complete employee lifecycle, from talent acquisition and onboarding, talent growth and development, to employee assessment and performance management.

Introductory Video


Define Your Success Drivers


The first step toward an improved workforce is identifying how your organization is unique. We work with you to detect and define your success predictors so you know what to look for in the right candidate.

Create Tools to Measure Them


Choose from our wide variety of available assessment and development templates, or request new dimensions tailored to your particular requirements.

Measure and Assess


Our assessment process is as simple and intuitive as possible. Our dedicated team will set up an online account and walk you through creating job profiles and sending out candidate invitations. We also provide easy-to-understand results that can be interpreted with no technical background.

Apply The Results


From informed hiring decisions to maximizing the potential of each individual and team, the extensive reports provided by the GR8PI platform will help you select, train and hire the best candidates; keep employees engaged; boost organizational efficiency and more.

The Benefits of GR8PI Technology

Hire The Right People

Hiring is equal parts science and art. We provide the data you need for selecting and recruiting the right candidate. Through extensive, reliable assessments, FirstIdea can determine if a job applicant is a match for your organization.


Drive Performance

Optimum performance is one of the pillars of the modern workplace. FirstIdea enables you identify and develop high performers, while motivating others to reach their full potential.

Engage and Retain

Keeping people engaged is easier said than done. FirstIdea helps you better understand your employees, improving retention, boosting productivity and reducing absenteeism.

Improve Team Dynamics

A productive workforce means providing a healthy, relaxed environment  where people feel at home. GR8PI offers a clear look at your team’s dynamics and provides you with resources for continuous development and teamwork.

Increase Well Being

Experts site a strong increase in productivity whenever steps are taken to improve workplace conditions. The GR8PI platform provides the information you need to ensure and improve employee well being.

Improve Results

Studies show that making  the right hiring decisions can impact results by up to 10 times. Our tools and mythology help you find and retain the people that will take your organization to the next level.

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