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Companies Thrive on Great Ideas from Great People.

Our people-first approach makes FirstIdea the choice for organizations who want to find best-fit people for every role, while helping maintain a diverse and inclusive environment through customized training.

Develop and retain the best talent

Oral Interview

Specifically designed questions to address the needs of your culture and organization.

Job Analysis

Interviews, surveys, and focus groups performed by an expert to ensure the best fit.

Written Examinations

Assess knowledge, skills, and abilities with online testing and virtual or in-person proctoring.


Assessment Centers

Measure many different types of job-related competencies, including interpersonal skills, oral and written communication, planning and evaluating, and reasoning and problem-solving abilities.


Diversity and Inclusion training supports your culture and enhances morale:

A certified minority and women-owned business enterprise, we value diverse perspectives and our PhD experts have developed this research-based training designed to include everyone and give all individuals opportunity.

First Step

The first step is to call 303.840.3346 to speak with one of the highly qualified Consultants on our staff to ensure that we completely understand your needs. This helps us help you find the right candidate for your open position.